Our Story

We are The Plant Butchers — lovers of good food. Of barbecues. Of family around a dinner table. Of childhood staples. Of fancy cheese plates. Of meals shared with friends.

We understand the draw to animal products. Most of us were raised on them. For many of us, they are culturally significant, ingrained in our family traditions, celebrations, and childhood memories. At The Plant Butchers, we create a way to continue those traditions, without all of the harm that animal agriculture entails. We believe food should be good for us and the planet.

Our team has created successful plant-based restaurants and showcased delicious animal-free food for years, and now we want to bring that experience home to you. We craft artisan meats, cheeses, sauces, dressings, and more. The same ones you know and love, making it possible for you to live a healthier, kinder life.